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Cars that have people

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By Carlos Miguélez Monroy

This increase is due to the lack of alternative infrastructure in the transport of goods. The domestic market of large countries still depends on large trucks. Part of that need could be met with existing or new rail networks, resulting in long-term savings and a reduction in environmental impact.

The production and purchase of vehicles is also increasing due to the lack of planning in large cities. Many people travel alone in their car to go buy fruit, bread or milk, when basic necessities could be met at distances that can be covered on foot. The home delivery services that have proliferated in some cities could also be strengthened with systems organized by hours and by zones.

On many roads you can see people “swallowing” the traffic jams to and from work on their own after a long day. The father, the mother, the children who come and go to fulfill their obligations, which explains so many cars owned by many families. All this implies expenses in gasoline that grow every month, insurance, checks, repairs, maintenance, parking because it is increasingly difficult to leave the car on public roads and fines.

Added to this are saturation in the streets and pollution. Electric cars are manufactured or that depend on other sources of energy. But basically it is not about changing cars, but about reducing its use by means of alternatives that are more adjusted to the needs, to the environmental reality and of each urban nucleus.

Owning a car has dropped in the priority scale of many people, who resort to the subway, buses, bicycles or walking if distances allow it to go to work or to do the shopping. But as life is organized in cities, many still need a car in their daily lives.

In some places car sharing has become fashionable, a rental system adapted to the neighborhoods and the needs of each person to use the car. There are those who pay by the hour, for a one-off trip, for a day or for a weekend if you have to do a short trip and you do not have a car.

The user has the advantages of owning a car without the need to spend on annual insurance, review for environmental standards or maintenance. Some companies offer cars any day of the year, spaces to park in cities and different models that can be adapted to the needs of families.

In addition to the inconveniences of traveling in their own car, fewer and fewer people can afford to buy one in the face of unemployment and a reduction in their purchasing power. Some environmental awareness has also played a role. A car not only pollutes by the gases it expels; each one that is manufactured consumes plastics and other raw materials, the extraction of which implies added pollution and even armed conflicts. It is not about blaming people who use the car as a necessity to travel to their workplace or for any other reason, but about assuming the possibility of reducing its use and demanding concrete measures from the rulers.

Flexible rentals can be accompanied by the construction and improvement of infrastructure with public money and services according to the purchasing power of citizens. Although buses run all day, their use is more efficient and less polluting if they are always busy. It is then a matter of studying the needs and adapting the means of transport to them.

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