Nourishmat. Template for urban gardens

Nourishmat. Template for urban gardens

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Nourishmat has a built-in drip irrigation system, ideal for making more efficient use of water.

An ideal system for those who have no experience or space for home gardens. To raise awareness by growing your own food and creating collective awareness to make society aware that another world is possible.

It is available in two sizes, one of 1.20 × 1.80m (with capacity for 82 seeds of 19 varieties) and another of 0.60 × 1.20m (with capacity for 32 seeds of 8 different aromatic herbs).

Not only does it have holes that indicate the places to plant, they also specify other special characteristics of each crop so that it comes to fruition, keeping adequate distances so that each crop can grow as well as possible.

Nourishmat includes seeds, organic fertilizers and drip irrigation canals. Some seeds are provided in a germination ball (clay mixed with compost, chili powder, and the seed itself), giving you the nutrients you need for those tough first few weeks. The balls are placed on the carpet and the clay protects them from insects, birds, and inclement weather.

The distribution of the plants according to species and size, with the scheme drawn on the carpet, places the different varieties according to their consumption and need for water, as well as taking into account the pests that could attack them. The species that need the most water are placed together and those that serve with "natural pesticide" against some insects are placed next to those that are most vulnerable.

Nourishmat is a reality thanks to the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. Still in the production phase, the commitment of gardeners Phil Weiner and John Gorby, owners of the Earth Starter company, has grown over time.


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