Device that produces energy and clean water with the sun

Device that produces energy and clean water with the sun

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Google Science Fair is an online science and technology contest in which students from all over the world can participate, individually and as a team, between the ages of 13 and 18. Find out the prizes you can win and get more information about the people participating in the contest.

Concerned about the millions of people who live in the world without power or water, the 17-year-old, a student at Balwyn High School in Melbourne, Australia, has designed a photocatalytic unit for the generation of Electricity and portable water purification that produces so much energy clean like fresh water, all at once.

With this project, Cynthia aims to tackle two problems together: how to provide clean water and electricity to all those people around the world who lack them. Currently 780 million people lack clean water, while 1.2 billion live without electricity. The H2Pro could change that by using photocatalytic technology, which purifies water and at the same time generates electricity using only sunlight.

In her application, Cynthia explains that while researching photocatalysis, she stumbled upon the idea for the H2Pro.

"In photocatalysis, not only is water purified and sterilized, but hydrogen is also produced through water division, which can be used to generate electricity"

Although there are other designs that have proposed a similar method, they often require an external power supply, which means that they cannot be used in remote locations. Cynthia aims to change that through photocatalysis, which can be applied on a manageable scale to allow for water purification and economically acceptable electricity production. An economically viable and ecological system.

If you want to know more about his project, here is a link with more information:


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