35,000 walruses stranded on Alaska beach due to climate change

35,000 walruses stranded on Alaska beach due to climate change

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At least 35,000 walruses are at risk of dying on a remote Alaskan beach where they were trapped, in a phenomenon attributed to melting in the Arctic due to climate change.

Initially, some 1,500 animals were registered on the beach, but in the last few days they multiplied exponentially. "Our best estimate is 24 times higher," said Megan Ferguson of the Arctic Marine Mammal Control Air Service.

"Walruses are stranded in a spectacle that has become common in the last six to eight years, as a result of global warming," says the US Geological Survey (USGS) in a statement.

In summer, sea ice retreats far to the north of the inland waters of the Chukchi Sea, into the waters of the United States and Russia, a condition that was not recorded a decade ago.

"During their normal resting periods after foraging at sea, seals just flock to shore," USGS added.

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