UNC: Agricultural Sciences repealed the agreement with Monsanto

UNC: Agricultural Sciences repealed the agreement with Monsanto

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In September, the Honorable Superior Council of the UNC rejected the signed agreement, stating that the agreement between Agronomy and the multinational company ignores the General Environmental Law and does not help to resolve the social conflict that has been unleashed in Córdoba for several years by the installation of a seed treatment plant. (See: Agreement of the Faculty of Agronomy with Monsanto rejected)

After leaving the agreement on hold to discuss it "indoors", Conrero finally agreed to repeal the agreement signed after the thirteen deans and the rector Francisco Tamarit agreed on a joint position. "They asked me to see the possibility of leaving the agreement without effect to collaborate with the pacification situation. It was agreed with all the deans and I agreed, thinking that this would decompress the situation, although that did not happen," Conrero said in dialogue with Channel 10.

However, the official repeal of the agreement could not be part of the session of the Superior Council because a group of anti-monsanto protesters broke into the premises and prevented the university body from finishing with the topics that made up the agenda during this day.

"The session of the Superior Council went to an intermediate room because there was a mobilization of people who opposed the agreement signed by the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences with the Monsanto company and the situation became very conflictive and prevented meeting", said the Secretary General of the UNC, Alberto León.

The official explained that the Council "cannot intervene in a decision adopted by a Faculty of our University", but clarified that in a plenary session of deans prior to today's session the 13 faculties had agreed to request the dean, Marcelo Conrero, "that annulled the agreement and he had agreed ".

It was then hoped that the Council could endorse that measure, but the tension that was experienced in the place prevented it from being able to continue with the treatment of the issues.

Finally, León specified that "the attribution of nullifying it is in who signed the agreement", thus stating that the decision must be made by the Faculty of Agronomy.

For his part, the student advisor, Ramiro Albarracín, from La Bisagra, regretted that "the session could not end" and went to the interim room for an unspecified date, because that "prevented the administrative steps necessary to leave without effect the agreement ". "We do not know what some prioritize," because "those who supposedly opposed the agreement are the same ones who prevented this from being formalized today, despite the fact that we had already managed to make the Faculty back down" in that agreement, Albarracín complained.

"It is a very prestigious University and I believe that we must fight for that (...) The University has to continue, it cannot be far from society or from the relationship with companies because they are part of the national system", Conrero said about the motivations of the agreement, now annulled.


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