Stop drugs, get to know your body

Stop drugs, get to know your body

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There are basically 4 exact points that you need to press for about 5 minutes to calm severe headaches.

Pay attention.

1. Above the tear ducts and below the eyebrows.

Press the bone.

And while it hurts take a deep breath.

Hold a few seconds and exhale.

2. On both sides of the nose, just on each side of the nostrils.

If you sink your gems slightly, you may notice cranial cavities. Press on that point with your index fingers, placing them horizontally with your nose.

While pressing and painful, deep breath. Retain lighting the pain and exhale expelling it from your body.

3. Place a single index finger vertically in relation to the nose, pressing just on the bone that you will feel below the crease that divides the nostrils and next to the muzzle, which is located above your lips. Press. Breathe in and out.

4. Above your pear and below your lips (always on the same vertical line of the nose), try to find the exact point of pain.

You will feel like you are pressing on your lower gums, but in truth, you are connecting to an important nerve that connects to your head. I advise that they also stretch their ears and stretch (cute) their facial features.

The points of the temples are usually another more common point.

If the pain does not go away, then massage your face at these points shown in the graph until you find the heart of the matter! Only expresses a desire to heal themselves and can get it. Believe me, in 5 minutes you will be able to cure the headache that a pill will only get you to sleep to wake up again, maybe right there or in another place.

Let us become aware of who we are.

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