At last nobody is innocent

At last nobody is innocent

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By Gerardo Honty

But the truth is that several North American industries work in China emitting what they cannot in their country and the new Chinese bourgeoisie fills its pockets by selling its products with a huge backpack of carbon to the Americans, who thanks to this novel method lower their emissions every year.

It is that in this globalized world nobody is innocent. Latin American countries raise their hands to talk about their mitigation plans and how they plant windmills to reduce their emissions. And with the other hand they sell all the oil and gas they can to the rich countries so that they can burn it quietly, outside borders that do not fatten their own national inventories of greenhouse gases.

With these fiscal resources that the countries of the region obtain, they subsidize the fuel consumed internally.

With the excuse of alleviating the energy costs of the poorest, 4 x 4 vans reproduce non-stop in Latin American cities consuming gasoline that in many countries is cheaper than water.

The people are not innocent either.

When Evo Morales wanted to make fuel costs transparent and withdraw part of the subsidies for gasoline, the people took to the streets to protest against the "gasolinezo". And many did not have a car.

One of the greatest wishes of the Latin American people is to have their own car, a dream that will lead the region to have more than 100 million cars on the road in the next 15 years. By reality or by desire, no one is innocent. Of course these cars are made in China or India. Many with licenses or European capitals who tear their clothes on the Climate Change Convention announcing large cuts to their local emissions, while scooping up the profits from car sales in the third world.

Who is responsible for the “Premier Rio” assembled in India with North American technology and French engine that is sold in South Africa? No one is innocent. In every country someone makes money off the weather.

In all the worlds: in the first, the third or whatever it is called in the modern global leaderboard. Meanwhile, there are still 2.5 billion people on the planet who cook with dung or with the sad little sticks that they can collect in some nearby or distant forest.

These are in Africa, Bangladesh and also in India and China ... But the benefits of growth do not reach them.

Not a miserable drop of the world's oil waste falls on him. The difference is not between developed and undeveloped countries. The difference is between rich and poor in any country in the world.

The difference is between large emitters and lacking - even emissions - on the planet. The difference is between those who enjoy the feast and those who cannot even watch it on television. As long as this is not understood, countries will continue to debate who is the greatest culprit, without ever acknowledging that no one is innocent. - Gerardo Honty is an analyst at CLAES (Latin American Center for Social Ecology)

Note: The title of this note is an expression stolen from Juan Gelman who used it in another context and for another topic.


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