Comet Lovejoy celebrates the holidays in the sky

Comet Lovejoy celebrates the holidays in the sky

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By Anastasia Gubin

As heralding the 2015 Christmas and New Year holidays, Comet Lovejoy appeared in the images obtained by Rolando Ligustri, from Australia, near the Siding Spring Observatory (SSO).

Ligustri published his last photo of comet 2014 Q2 Lovejoy published on his facebook on December 24, 2014 and in the Space Weather gallery. (Photo) An earlier shot published on December 15 (Photo), served to send greetings from End of the year.

Comet C2014 Q2 Lovejoy was discovered by Terry Lovejoy in August 2014, an amateur astronomer known for discovering other comets, which also bear his name. Its maximum splendor will be seen with binoculars and perhaps with the naked eye, in the next few days, as it passes near the bright star Rigel of Orion, according to the forecast map of the astronomer Seiichi Yoshida. Q2 Lovejoy, considered a mythical heavenly messenger, is already delighting observers.

The Epoch Times

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