Homeopathy to improve our child's defenses

Homeopathy to improve our child's defenses

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Medicine for children offers multiple possibilities, but given the great offer that there is today in this regard, many parents feel lost and we do not know how to distinguish what is really beneficial for our children.

On this occasion we are going to present a therapeutic option that is of interest in the treatment of certain pathologies, without affecting the immune system of the people who consume it, be they children or adults: homeopathy.

What is Homeopathy?

This medical therapy is based on the principle of similarity, that is, any substance that in high doses causes symptoms in a healthy subject, in minimal or infinitesimal doses makes those symptoms disappear when administered to a sick person. So, the formulation of homeopathic medicines allows the individual to recover without side effects and without impairing their defenses, that is why it is used by some sports medicine specialists.

Its use does not affect the immune system because its special formulation respects the natural balance of the body, so that in the face of common illnesses such as flu or a cold, the child will not see his capacities diminished.

We know the importance of a good breakfast both to keep your defenses in tune and to boost your intellectual capacity throughout the day. Breakfast should be made up of dairy, cereals and a piece of fruit.

In addition, it is recommended that they perform four to five meals a day, and always keep fruits and vegetables in your diet. The latter are the basis for providing the amount of vitamins and minerals necessary to have a strong and well-established immune system.

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