Bucaramanga will have the first bridge illuminated only with Led

Bucaramanga will have the first bridge illuminated only with Led

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As well as, it ensures energy savings close to 40% and less carbon emissions, compared to other technologies, which makes it more sustainable.

The launch of the La Novena Viaduct, in the city of Bucaramanga, not only represents a milestone in architectural matters due to its charm and for being the longest cable-stayed bridge in the country, but it will also mark a significant advance in the use of friendlier technology. with the environment.

This iconic project for the city of Bucaramanga and the country, has lighting of this type for the roads without poles, contemplating 452 BaroLED; the braces and columns will have 80 Sculp Flood of 150 RGB.

Luminaires installed in concrete jerseys at 80 centimeters elevation, to maintain the aesthetics of the viaduct. Likewise, its pedestrian crossings are also illuminated with 378 BaroLEDs and the emergency lighting consists of 448 LED luminaires.

The Led luminaires of different models provided by Schréder leave an energy saving close to 40% compared to HID technology (to which the traditional sodium luminaires correspond), they have a useful life of at least 100,000 hours, in addition to their design they highlight and value the architecture of the work.

The foregoing generates a money saving greater than 40% compared to other technologies, because energy savings add a considerable lower cost in maintenance. This is due to the fact that the design of the luminaires offers a high level of protection against environmental corrosion, impacts and vibrations. Because they are hermetic, these luminaires are resistant to the aggressions of the climate, pollution and humidity, being easy to install, access and maintain. They are also made from recyclable materials and create less CO2 emissions.

In addition, lighting levels greater than 30 lux, a uniformity level greater than 35%, which results in a safe and comfortable place, generating better visibility and greater safety for pedestrians and drivers.

Regarding this issue, Gloria Durán, director of public lighting in Bucaramanga, stressed that “we are working to have a self-sustaining city, as indicated in the progress plan 2012 - 2015. From this perspective, public lighting is still a challenge for the application of new technologies in the system, self-management and self-control ”.

Likewise, this professional added that in this context “this lighting work marks a milestone, worthy of technologically imitation, since it has Led technology as a strategic ally for the growth of the city. Saving in consumption and in system maintenance makes it possible to apply fresh resources to new expansions. In the same way, the technological challenge became a lighting icon for its architectural and visual beauty that invites locals and strangers to recreate this work as an example for the country and the world in the application of lighting equipment of this technology ”.

For his part, Sergio Rivera, manager of Schréder Colombia, said that “this program marks a milestone in architecture and also in lighting in Colombia. For this reason, our company, which stands out as a pioneer of renovation and sustainability projects, has created and supplied a system with 100% LED technology for it ”. To this, the executive added that “with the above, we marked several novelties: for the first time in Colombia we generated LED road lighting from concrete jerseys, we illuminated with RGB LEDs on the bridge braces, and with equipment with power such that its scope exceeds 80 mt in length.

Finally, for the first time in the country we provide emergency LED lighting on concrete jerseys. All this fills us with pride, especially for this joint work with the authorities of Bucaramanga, which is the most innovative city in terms of lighting in Colombia ”.

Schréder Colombia

It should be noted that Schréder Colombia is part of the Belgian multinational Schréder Group, with more than ONE HUNDRED years of international experience in outdoor lighting.

In this country, the company has carried out plans of incredible relevance, such as the replacement by LED technology of the public lighting of large avenues in the cities of Bucaramanga and Pasto, including remote management or intelligent lighting; and replacement by LED technology for public lighting in Montería and Bogotá. It also carried out the Itaca program to beautify the largest square and the barefoot park in the metropolis of Medellín.

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