"The Chevron Toxic Show"

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“Chevron's toxic show” (Jose Luis Galán and Julieta Pérez / CEDAE, 2015) from OMAL on Vimeo.

An attack on the lungs of the planet. The creators Jose Luis Galán and Julieta Pérez approach this case in audiovisual format, making a retrospective and collecting testimonies about the footprint of the Chevron-Texaco corporation in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador.

A documentary in which personalities of the stature of Luis Eduardo Aute, Tania Sánchez, Javier Couso, Luis Miguel Dominguez, Willy Toledo and Pablo Fajardo, among others, have participated, contributing their point of view on the blatant case of impunity of Chevron-Texaco in the Amazon rainforest.

Jose Luis Galán and Julieta Pérez (CEDAE, 2015)

Video: Chevrons Toxic Legacy in Ecuador - Lago Agrio Contamination (July 2022).


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