Olives, a compendium of health benefits

Olives, a compendium of health benefits

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Olives are one of the star appetizers of all the terraces and breweries that are valued, and it is an ideal meal to calm the appetite between meals. Of course, it is necessary that we do not overdo it with its consumption, since in a moderate way they are very beneficial for the body in different ways. For this reason, in this post we are going to take a brief tour of some of the most remarkable ones.

Nutritional properties

First of all, we must deny that they have as many calories as I have always commented. It is true that they contain high amounts of essential oils omega-3 and omega-6, beneficial and necessary for the body. With them we will achieve a better general state of the body at various levels that we are going to detail below. But the thing does not stop there, but they also have another series of nutrients that we cannot ignore.

Olives are a natural source of vitamins A and C, necessary to maintain tissues in perfect condition and to achieve perfect defenses against aggressions that come from outside. To this we must add the contribution of thiamine, necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system. The mineral contribution they provide, especially iron and sodium, is very adequate to achieve good body levels. To this must be added how easy they are to assimilate by the body. To this we must add its contribution of fiber that will help us purify the body.

Health benefits

Among the benefits they provide us, we must highlight its high power when it comes to preventing heart diseases and the circulatory system, since the high contribution of unsaturated fats makes it the perfect regulator of cholesterol levels in the body, preventing it from accumulate in the arteries causing them to harden and suffer over time. We will also be able to make them stronger and more resistant.

It is a highly satisfying food that will help us to maintain our weight, as it contains few calories as we have commented previously. This, together with its high fiber content, will make the olives ingested between meals as an aperitif help us control hunger in the healthiest way possible. Nor should we gorge ourselves on olives, but combined with water it can be a good way to fill ourselves up.

Its contribution of iron is a perfect ally for people who have anemia and therefore need an extra dose of this mineral to regain the levels of red blood cells. Keep in mind that black olives contain more of this mineral than green ones. In spite of everything, it is important to know that they are not indicated for people suffering from hypertension due to the high amounts of sodium they contain.

It is necessary that we incorporate them into our diet, but without overdoing it, since the recommended is seven units a day that we can eat at mid-morning in order to kill hunger and get more energy to face the morning with charged batteries.


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