7 ideal crops for your first garden

7 ideal crops for your first garden

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The tomatoes You can grow them from seed or with seedlings purchased from a garden and horticulture center. In the first case you will start at the end of winter or beginning of spring and in the second case you can wait for the spring to be well established. A month or so into early spring is a good time to plant tomato seedlings outside.

Search a little and do not settle for the most commercial varieties, if you can try to grow old varieties, your satisfaction will be much greater. The place of cultivation must be very sunny and the land must have a good supply of organic matter. Regular and careful watering so as not to wet the plant. Install stakes to support and support plant growth.

From about 15 days into the beginning of spring you can start growing carrots every 15 days to achieve a staggered production during the summer and until almost winter. The seeds are sown and covered with a little soil. A good initial watering and after three weeks you will begin to see the seedlings emerge. You may need to clear them if you sowed too many seeds or too many have sprouted. Loose soil and exposure to the sun are their basic needs.

The green beans, pods, green beans, green beans, green beans, green beans or countless other names that the green fruits of the bean plant receive in different countries or regions,Phaseolus vulgaris.There are climbing varieties and others that are not. The former require tutors for their proper development. They are sown at the beginning of spring until early summer, it is fast growing and after a month and a half of its cultivation we can harvest the first fruits. Light but rich soil and abundant watering are its main needs.

The lettuce They can be sown from spring to summer according to varieties. Easy to plant and fast growing. Practically all you need are regular, abundant waterings and sun exposure.

The radishes they need light and loose soil, not to receive excessive direct sun and little else. From mid-spring you can start sowing them every fortnight to have a staggered harvest. One of the fastest crops to harvest. Sow in rows about 20 cm apart and place a seed every 4 cm in the rows.

The zucchini they are sown with a separation of about 80 cm. We will put three seeds about 2 cm deep. We will have the soil prepared, worked, drained and well fertilized. You will only have to water regularly and abundantly and after two months you will be able to harvest your zucchini.

If you have enough space in your garden you can dare with the potatoes. Use potatoes cut by their buds, bury them 15 cm deep and leave 45 cm between each one. The rows should be about 75 cm apart. Rich, deep soils are ideal for potatoes. When the plants are about 15 cm high, it is convenient to put them on, that is, to accumulate a lot of soil around the base of the stem to protect it.

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