7 Buddhist phrases that will change your life

7 Buddhist phrases that will change your life

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Many of us prefer to refer to Buddhism more as a philosophy of life than as a religion. Buddhism is one of the oldest religions that is still practiced by about 200 million people around the world.

What has made it easier for this philosophy or religion to last over time and continue to gain followers is the simplicity in how they transmit messages full of wisdom that allow us to really improve our quality of life.

For its understanding and integration of meaning we do not have to become followers of this religion. It is only necessary to open our hearts and carry out an open mind with hope.

Today I present you the best 10 Buddhist phrases that will change your life:

-Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.Taking into account that people can only be harmed by what we care about, avoiding useless suffering can simply consist of taking a step back, emotionally detaching and seeing things from a different perspective.

It takes practice and time, but this great learning is worth doing. As a guide for this, another Buddhist phrase gives us a clue as to how to start: "All that we are is the result of what we have thought; is founded on our thoughts and is made from our thoughts”.

-Rejoice because every place is here and every moment is now.We tend to think only about the past or are excessively worried about the future. This leads us not to live in the moment and our lives go by without being aware. Buddhism teaches us the here and now. Therefore, we must learn to be fully present, to enjoy each moment as if it were the only one.

-Take care of the exterior as much as the interior, because everything is one.To find a true state of well-being, it is essential that mind and body are in balance. Not focusing too much on the physical aspect or, on the contrary, on the inner aspect will help us feel fuller and more aware of the here and now, providing us with a richer emotional fullness.

-It's better to wear slippers than to carpet the world.To find our inner peace, we have to be aware of our personal potentials and learn to know how to dose them, as well as our resources. In this way we will experience authentic growth and evolution.

-Don't hurt others with what causes yourself pain.It is one of the maxims of Buddhism that allows us to eliminate almost all current moral laws and commandments in our society. Having a similar meaning with the phrase "do not do to others what you would not like them to do to you”, This fifth reflection goes much further since it consists of a deep knowledge of ourselves and a great empathy for / with others.

- It is not richer who has more, but who needs the least. Our desire for more, both materially and emotionally, is the main source of all our worries and despair. His maxim is based on learning to live with little and accept everything that life offers us at the time. This will lead us to a more balanced life, reducing stress and many internal tensions.

Wanting more often just indicates a lack of security, that we feel alone and need to fill those gaps. Feeling comfortable with ourselves allows us to leave behind the need to not have to prove anything.

-To understand everything, it is necessary to forget everything.As children we are constantly learning. Our mind map is not yet designed, which makes us open to "everything" and the ability to understand anything. We do not know how to judge.

But as we grow, our mind is filled with social conditions and norms that tell us how we should be ourselves, how things should be, how we should behave and even what we should think internally. We become unaware of ourselves and lose ourselves.

To change and see things from a healthier perspective for us, we have to learn to detach ourselves from beliefs, habits and ideas that do not come from our heart. For this, this Buddhist phrase will help us to begin the process: "In heaven there are no distinctions between east and west, it is people who create those distinctions in their mind and then think they are true”.

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