The National Police deny the news: "First detained in Avila for having photovoltaic panels for self-consumption"

The National Police deny the news:

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From the Technological Research Unit of the National Police in Spain, it is categorically stated:


With the change in legislation on electricity supply, a series of conditions have been introduced for those who wish to produce their own energy. Breaking them IS NEVER A CRIME, so the person responsible CANNOT BE ARRESTED FOR IT. In any case, it could be proposed for an economic sanction and it would not be done by the Police (which is in charge of crimes) but by the civil jurisdiction (the courts of first instance) or commercial.

The lie is accompanied by some photos from 2011 that correspond to the recovery, by the Civil Guard, of some photovoltaic panels that had been stolen from a villa, after catching the thieves.

This hoax is running like wildfire and has been shared several thousand times without anyone stopping to verify its veracity or lack of it, causing, once again, an unnecessary social alarm for which its creator may be legally responsible.

Remember the golden rule: first CHECK, then SHARE. If we do not find a trace of a news in serious media and it only appears on blogs or social networks. WE DISTRUST.

The false news published by, showed that "A neighbor of Arevalo (Avila) has been brought to justice today after the Civil Guard seized two powerful photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of his home, claiming which were for self-consumption. In application of the new law approved by the Popular Party last Friday, the detainee could face a fine of six million euros for seriously harming the interests of the electricity companies ", the letter arriving that the operation continued open and no further arrests were ruled out.

It remains to be seen now, what will be the political and judicial reactions regarding this issue, which will surely take place shortly. apologizes for the spreading of the false news photovoltaic-for-self-consumption published yesterday October 19, 2015


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