Developing countries are NOT responsible for climate change

Developing countries are NOT responsible for climate change

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The demonstration was prepared by the Minister of Popular Power for Ecosocialism and Waters Guillermo Barreto, regarding his recent participation as a member of the Venezuelan delegation in the Twenty-First International Conference on Climate Change (COP21) held in Paris (France), from November 30 to December 11, 2015.

The head of the eco-socialist portfolio highlighted aspects of the pact that will regulate climate change between countries thanks to 2020, in which the tasks to combat it are established, in which economic, cultural and social relations continue to be debated, among others, to safeguard the beginnings of the convention.

The fulfillment of the differentiated responsibilities, historical responsibilities and especially the responsibilities of the industrialized countries committed to financing and technology transfer to strengthen developing countries are part of the principles subscribed to in the treaty, Barreto said.

He said that "despite not being responsible for climate change we have had to suffer from weather phenomena such as extraordinary drought, and because of this it is very difficult for us to guarantee drinking water to the town.

He also mentioned that "the emergence of gender equity, as a cross-cutting component in all actions to counteract the effects of climate change," and reiterated the achievement of new agreements related to disparities responsibilities between nations.

Another point reached is related to intergenerational rights contemplating the right to progress, since it is unfair to demand that the countries in the process of process reduce their emissions, while the developed countries are the culprits of climate change.


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