Pesticides added to the soil and their fate in the environment

Pesticides added to the soil and their fate in the environment

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From different organisms of the National State, information has been generated and published on different pesticides added to the soil and their fate in the environment, describing basic physical-chemical and biological processes that occur once these molecules are in the environment.

As we have stated in this document, soil is a non-renewable natural resource on a human life scale that can be conceptualized as a biophysical-chemical reactor with potential functions of filtration, buffering, purification and regulation of biogeochemical cycles (Comerford, 2014) . The presence of pesticides in different environmental compartments generates a genuine concern in society. The scientific-technological system linked to agricultural production must have a position that prioritizes the discussion and establishes a clear message. Soil management, tillage systems, ecological systems, process technologies, the reduction of pesticide doses and the use of inputs within the framework of good agricultural practices, among other agronomic practices, are tools to be discussed for propose, from INTA, alternatives to the current agricultural model.

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