What is the happiest country in the world?

What is the happiest country in the world?

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By Raquel de la Morena

A priori, it seems complicated to be able to measure happiness, since it is something very abstract and personal. However, there is a World Happiness Report (in English, World Happiness Report), a survey carried out by a group of experts for the United Nations and which is responsible for inferring the global happiness status of each country.

This year the fourth report of these characteristics has been published - the first dates from 2012, followed by those of 2013 and 2015 - and it contains 157 countries around the world, ordered by their levels of happiness, according to to the feeling of well-being that exists in them.

The factors that most influence the happiness of a country: per capita income, life expectancy, social support, little corruption, generosity and freedom to make decisions.

There are six factors that most influence making the inhabitants of a country happier citizens: per capita income, a longer and healthier life expectancy, social support, little corruption, generosity and freedom to make decisions.

For the first time, scales were introduced that also took into account the consequences of inequality among citizens of the same country, which curiously has increased significantly in most regions of the world, according to the experts who have produced the report.

The ‘top ten’ of the ‘ranking’

Well, at the top of the table appears, with a score of 7,526 out of 10, Denmark –which has won the title three out of the four occasions–, followed by Switzerland, Iceland –after the achievements of its national team. football in the European Championship in France we do not rule out that next year they will even improve their position - Norway and Finland. The top ten in this happiness ranking are completed by Canada, Holland, New Zealand, Australia and Sweden. Economic powers such as the United States and China rank 13 and 83 respectively.

And the Spanish? What position do we occupy on this list? We are neither among the first nor, of course, in the lower part of the table: with a score of 6,361 out of 10, we are in 37th place - we have lost one position compared to the previous report -, behind countries such as Taiwan and Qatar and ahead of others like Algeria and Guatemala.

The last places are, in that order, for Rwanda, Benin, Afghanistan, Togo, Syria - whose bloody civil war has lasted for five years now - and Burundi, which occupies position 157, the last in the ranking (with 2,905 out of 10)

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