Monsanto sinks and Bayer increases its toxicity. The villains game

Monsanto sinks and Bayer increases its toxicity. The villains game

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Bad economic move by Bayer, the German pharmaceutical monster, at a time when it was flirting with the promotion of medicines made only with medicinal plants, with the intention of also overcoming its bad image.

The German society, which is a leader in the consumption of organic food and medicinal plants, I do not think that it understands these movements without logic from one of its star companies.

But the decline in popularity of both Monsanto and Bayer forces the two monsters to team up to try to avoid their planned demise in the not too long term.

It is precisely the rapid evolution of the American and German societies towards a more natural way of life, which forces these companies to engulf themselves in order not to disappear too quickly from the world level.

It is not that Novartis-Syngenta, GlaxoSmith, Merck, Basf, Sanofi-Aventis, Roche, etc., are cleaner wheat, what happens is that the malignancy of all these pharmaceutical companies has been visualized by an important part of the Society at Monsanto and Bayer as icons of chemical-pharmaceutical nonsense.

These are low hours for the pharmaceutical companies as a whole and they know it and these grotesque reactions of mergers, absorptions to increase size, only demonstrate their weakness.

Citizens of the world, let us rejoice in what is happening, because the changes that are taking place and more that are going to take place, are the result of the conscious attitude of millions of human beings who know which way is the right one.

The growth of the unnecessary is slowing down and people of good will who practice love of neighbor are growing.

Simple people are not leaders in dirty economics, but we are leaders in illusion and hope in achieving a world that at least resembles the promised paradise.

Long live the merger or absorption of Monsanto by Bayer !!!!!

Long live the sickly capitals that support you !!!

Because behind many holders of these capitals there are also millions of normal people who do not even know why they are giving support with their sweaty savings, to companies that kill them with their Medicines, Herbicides, Transgenics ...

Live of course, the millions of human beings who have already evolved to understand this nonsense that we have consciously or unconsciously created between all of us and we are already working to overcome it.

Josep Pamies

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