France will ban the sale and use of plastic cups from 2020

France will ban the sale and use of plastic cups from 2020

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Several countries in Europe are slowly starting to declare war on major pollutants. Now it is the turn of France, a country that will gradually ban the sale and free distribution of plastic cups, glasses and cutlery from 2020.

According to the text signed by the Minister of the Environment, Ségolène Royal, as of January 1, 2020, these implements must be 50 percent made with biodegradable materials from organic materials. From 2025, that percentage will increase to 60 percent.

According to a note published by the French government, this measure will be applied "both to restaurants and fast food establishments as well as to establishments selling beverages and other groceries: bakeries, shops, delicatessens, gas stations."

Currently it is estimated that only 1 percent of plastic cups are recycled. It should be remembered that at the beginning of the year this same country prohibited the distribution of plastic bags in supermarkets.

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