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We have all been moved by the story of Pizza, the polar bear who spends his days confined to a small aquarium inside the Grandview Mall in Guangzhou, China.

A few weeks ago we were excited about the possibility that this poor animal, nicknamed "The saddest polar bear in the world", could leave his place of confinement and move to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster in England.

However, apparently that offer came to nothing and Pizza's situation remains more delicate than ever. The animal has just a small space to move always away from natural light; He looks irritated and specialists say that he could be suffering a significant mental deterioration.

Thus, in the absence of a response from the Chinese authorities and the mall administrators, it is the citizens themselves who are asking for a solution for this polar bear.

About 50 animal rights organizations have asked the Cantonese Government to show some compassion for Pizza. For this they have presented a million signatures of citizens who support this demand and who ask that it be transferred to another place.

"A shopping center is no place to keep a wild animal. Pizza will no longer be able to return to its natural habitat, but the managers of the warehouses should at least let it live the rest of its days in a space where it can breathe fresh air and see the light of day, "says a statement from the China Animal Welfare Association.

According to the Efe agency, from the shopping center they refused to refer to the situation of Pizza and the request for his release.

The sad reality that Pizza lives is not an isolated event. In the world there are many animals that live locked up in entertainment enclosures for human beings, away from their wild world and deprived of the possibility of sharing with other members of their species.

We now hope that poor Pizza has a somewhat brighter future before it is too late.

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