Another world is possible

Another world is possible

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By Carlos Ruperto Fermín

We see that the year of mercy on the continent of hope, made the cunning cry of bloody irrationality prosper, which always encourages revenge against the great Pachamama, because it is much easier to win the violence of imaginary enemies, than sow the peace of a friendship consecrated in earthly heaven.

They say that time is a terminal illness, stealing the spiritual light from human matter. When you come face to face with the eyes of death, you can walk or run to drive away the will of fate, but after getting tired and falling through the stones of your own lies, you will know that the truth is a sacrifice impossible to break with the teeth.

We are capable of dying for money, but we are unable to live with the smile of angels. We allow the demons fertilized by globalization to dump all their mountains of garbage in the twilight of our soul. We are causing much harm to innocent people, and when the eyes decide to cry with the bitterness of the tear gas, there will no longer be eye drops to moisten the scars of so much fossilized fire, and the walking corpses will become your ghosts of conscience.

We live in times of threats, riots and blackmail. They all want to take over our intellect, our weaknesses, and our abilities. The goal of criminals is to be able to buy you, sell you, curse you, mute you or trade you.

We will hardly be empathic with the reality of Mother Earth, if each cultural offer offers you the god of the gods, along with the miraculous creed and its majestic perfect potion, which will make you feel so superstitious, so unprotected and so defenseless, that they will really transform you into a deer useless for environmental work.

It's like not attending Holy Mass on a Sunday. They say it is such a deadly sin, that it is paid for with the ashes of hell. For fear of breaking the rules of the commandments, we will attend the Sunday appointment with great fear and by simple obligation.

But when we enter the sacred temple of divine prayer, we find a holy congregation who adores their new Iphone, who adores their new Galaxy, who adores their new Facebook follower, who adores the new WhatsApp message, who adores the sensuality of the sexy priest, who loves to kneel in Nike shoes, who loves to sing reggaeton on Itunes, and who loves the omnipresence of all Wi-Fi networks.

There is no doubt that we all fell into the trap. The real starving people continue to starve in the same streets, while we play with the lives of the dead, in four gigantic walls of absurd religiosity. At the end of the ecclesiastical Sunday liturgy, you feel so empty on the inside and so dry on the outside, that you can only look up at the clear sky, raise your arms and shout amen.

Remember that we are fortunate to have a father and a mother, who guarantee the existence of all living species on Earth. There are many orphan planets in the Universe, who were not lucky enough to know and love their parents, but we have always had the unconditional hug and the warm kiss, that only the calypso of the sun and the cheek of the moon can give to their offspring.

The stars know that sometimes you win and sometimes you learn. They have the wisdom of the trees and the stars. They do not lose the mystical meaning of life, but they know that Humanity did not learn the first piano lesson, because violence was a reprehensible invention of Human Beings, to justify all their violence in wars, in nightmares and in genocides.

Our galactic parents never turn their backs on us, no matter how ungrateful their children are. They respect the personalities of all their children, but they also reprimand and punish disrespect.

No blows to the rear, no insults of saliva, and no arrows to the chest. They simply teach us the fortuitous miracle of life, and hope that we can recognize and differentiate storm from torment.

Unfortunately, parents also make their own mistakes, blindly trusting their children's talents. With the passing of the days and nights, the energies of the parents diminish and eclipse, so that the children have the opportunity to fly out of the nest, and fall in haste into the abyss of solar and lunar inexperience.

The stars also get sick, complain and suffer pain. But our parents do not know traditional medicine, which is applied in the traditional hospitals on Earth. If you have money, they will treat you like the king of kings. If you don't have money, they will treat you like Wednesday of the week.

That is why the sun and the moon despair with their children, because they do not understand the square root of their mathematics, and because they do not understand the rhetorical figure of their Spanish.

When our parents finally close their eyes and pass away, all evils and all evils that coexist on Earth will end. The brain simulation will exterminate the voice of the Holy Trinity, end the cursed betrayal of Bullfighting, ruin the unhealthy tickle of Envy, annihilate the moans of Hollywood prostitutes, and end the suffering of the children of Africa.

However, we believe that a second of life is enough time in favor, to change the chip of the passive mentality in citizenship, and generate conservation action in young people, adults and the elderly, because nobody is born with five frowns hanging on their foreheads. , because nothing is eternal during the April winds, and because no one is a gold coin in the pockets of others.

That is why it is very important to reorient the environmental north of Mother Earth, massifying social commitment and ecological activism, throughout all the geographical spaces that perceive the universal flora and fauna.

Next, we are going to enrich ourselves with Latin American environmental strategies, which have been cultivating the fruits of progress throughout the world.

In Peru, we learned about the "Los Amigalitos" project that uses recycled alpaca fiber fabrics to design and make toys that awaken the ingenuity and creativity of children, who apart from having healthy fun playing with sustainable dolls, also get feedback from the nature of the common good.

In Mexico, the civil association “Cerrando el Ciclo” promotes the collection of all glass bottles, which are frequently thrown into the streets by irresponsible consumers. But in the Aztec town of Nezahualcóyotl, urban waste is recycled and exchanged for food for low-income families, it is used as raw material for the manufacture of decorative objects, and it is a possibility of labor reintegration for single mothers.

In Cuba, environmental hygiene is built with the "Acualina" project, which has been conducting educational talks and sanitation tasks on the beautiful coast of Havana, with the active participation of children and young people who learn the ecological value, and help to maintain Marine spaces are cleaned, collecting nylon bags, beer cans, candy wrappers and other ordinary waste, which suffocate Caribbean fish and pollute the revolutionary feeling.

In Venezuela, art and recycling came together in the Plaza Bolívar in the state of Mérida, where used tires and metal car parts became impressive figures of animals that captured the stamp of the gorilla, the scorpion, the flamingo, the bull and even the prehistoric dinosaur, symbolizing the effort and innovation of transforming more than 4,500 kilos of garbage, into an artistic expression that generates inspiration for the Venezuelan citizens.

In Colombia, it is committed to road safety and the environmental protection of the "Efficient Driving Program", seeking that automobile schools in Cali and drivers of public and private transport receive pedagogical classes and educational material on environmental responsibility, so necessary to prevent the noise pollution from traffic, the emissions of gases toxic to human health, and the exaggerated burning of fossil fuels, continue to poison the air and injure the scandalous metropolises.

In Paraguay, agri-food sovereignty is emphasized with the “Sustentagro” program, which aims to achieve endogenous growth in rural communities, with the development of agriculture with low environmental impact, which does not harm the fertile soils that lie in the departments of San Pedro, Canindeyú, Caaguazú and Alto Paraná, where the peasants become owners of the future of their lands.

In Bolivia, a children's drawing contest called “My tree and I” was held, so that Bolivian youngsters discover the biological benefits of trees, and become empathic with their preservation and voluntary planting. More than 550 colorful drawings were painted by the boys, who used their innocent little hands to reflect on the most organic of gifts, which will protect them from the clutches of bullying at puberty stage.

In Argentina, citizen solidarity is promoted with the "La Sachetera" project, which collects and recycles flexible plastic containers for milk or yogurt, to make large waterproof tarps that are full of altruism, with the aim of donating them to families living in precarious conditions, and enable more individuals to be hopeful and block indifference.

In Chile, the seed of the project "20 thousand lengas para el Paine" was fertilized, which brought together students from more than 50 Chilean educational centers, who happily participated in the reforestation plan of the Torres del Paine National Park, which has been a victim of multiple forest fires in its protected hectares, putting in danger the natural treasures of the Chilean biosphere reserve.

In Uruguay, the lucky children who live in the town of Jaureguiberry, continue to be surprised by the construction of the first 100% sustainable school in the Uruguayan nation, which took advantage of the infinite garbage accumulated by modern capitalist vice, to generate an educational infrastructure with panels plots, with a school garden and composting workshops, which reinforce the mission of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).

In Ecuador, a Farm-School was built in the outskirts of Quito, to educate and brighten the lives of children with cancer, who, due to the disease, must survive prisoners in Ecuadorian hospitals. Sweetening the bitter drink suffered by young patients, in an environment of relaxation and direct contact with nature, allows children and their families to forget the great distress, caused by the terrible urban environment that increases depression and negativity.

In Brazil, the "Planting and Learning" project developed in the Piracicaba region of Rio, helps young people at risk to have a second chance in life, relying on the holistic care that the resources of the Environment deserve. Inside the Casa do Bom Menino, children and adolescents have a shelter that invites them to practice energy efficiency, saving drinking water, comprehensive management of solid waste, and growing food without chemical fertilizers.

It is clear that another world is possible to reach, if Latin Americans join forces to regenerate the chalice of planet Earth. The road is dark, ungrateful and wild, but it is enough with the intention and the interest to forge positive changes, so that the social ecology begins to flow in the coldest hearts, and we travel the passionate path of conservationism.

A true environmental culture must be decaffeinated, depoliticized and decentralized. The popular participation of the green and wild people is essential so that the ecosystems in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, in the La Amistad International Park and in Bosawás, can recover the natural balance and do not continue to be destroyed by the drug of greed that rages the poor uniformed soldiers.

The fight is fighting in the grotto of the pacifist battle, where we can all contribute to the preservation of planetary life, and evolve as Humanity that is not afraid to humanize.

The romance of the silhouette of love is reflected in the oceans, forests and northern lights, which do not selfishly hijack the mysteries of world creation. And the romance of love is also refracted in the silhouette of volcanoes, hurricanes and earthquakes, which are thirteen drops of repentance in the twilight of solar and lunar mourning.

As long as there is a dove with its olive tree, a panda with its bamboo, and a firefly with its brightness, because the bloody bullets in the dangerous ends of the World, will NOT be able to assassinate the fighting spirit that we boldly write today, and they will not be able to burn the illusions of living that beautiful future, that yesterday we dreamed of the genuine joy of childhood.


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