The poisons that transnational corporations force us to eat

The poisons that transnational corporations force us to eat

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Why is Coca-Cola more addictive than cocaine? Why is Colgate fluoride carcinogenic? Why is Kellogg’s Corn Inorganic? Why do people get fat on McDonald’s hamburgers? Why is Monsanto still Monsanto? Why doesn't Bimbo bread smell like bread? Why is Bayer aspirin a pharmaceutical placebo? Why does Nestlé falsify the nutritional values ​​of its products?

Cheating is such a brilliant art, like idiotizing the life of Human Beings. You don't have to bite into a corncob to wake up from fateful slumber, because it's more fun for all animals to smoke cigarettes, drink beers, and yell obscenities.

According to the sacred pages of the dictionary, the word Poison is defined as a substance that is harmful to health, capable of producing serious alterations in living beings, and even causing abrupt death.

All questions are answered with orthophosphoric acid, tartrazine, aspartame, sodium fluoride, bisphenol A, carrageenan, fructose, arsenic, ammonium hydroxide, monosodium glutamate, iodized salt, sucralose, xanthan gum, titanium dioxide, methanol, carboxymethylcellulose, acesulfame potassium, phenylalanine, acetaminophen, lead, and other essential components of chemical artillery.

All responses are ill with obesity, diabetes, gastritis, constipation, migraine, tooth decay, arthritis, erectile dysfunction, bronchitis, ischemia, strokes, osteoporosis, hyperactivity, chronic kidney failure, liver cirrhosis, tumors, drowsiness, heart attacks, and other suffering caused by chemical artillery.

We offer you a wonderful orgy of thickeners, colorants, sweeteners, acidulants, clouders, emulsifiers, stabilizers, gelling agents and retarders, so that the taste of all questions and answers can never distinguish the natural charm of oats, of wheat. and sesame.

We let ourselves be influenced and carried away by the current, because it is the easiest way to walk, because it is the simplest way to travel, and because it is the only way we have learned to walk.

In fact, if we ask the mirror three times for the date of our death, we will surely get the obituary page in advance. But if you ask the mirror how many calories you just ate, you will surely break the seven years of terrible bad luck.

Playing with destiny, playing with luck and playing with health are very dangerous mistakes that we make every day, and that have a price as deadly as credit card numbers.

The social, cultural and ecological crimes that the multinationals of the 21st century have been building reflect the power of the great mass indoctrination, which turns us into little figures exchangeable for the best offer, the greatest demand and the worst trap.

Every year the gigantic agricultural frontiers are expanded, to increase the aggressive rate of global deforestation, to steal roofs and livelihoods from brave peasants, to plunder the ancestral lands of indigenous communities, to tarnish the beauty of foreign natural resources. , to kill the native fauna species out of solitude, and to spill the honey of imperialist neoliberalism.

We cannot differentiate the truth from the lie, we cannot clarify the fiction from the reality, and we cannot deify the wisdom of ignorance, because it is much easier to buy the logic of the supermarket, buy the science of the pharmacies, and buy the ticket from the bank.

From the moment we brush our teeth at the beautiful dawn, through the end of the workday at dusk, and closing our eyes from fatigue in the sad evening, we always go through a disastrous lifestyle subject to psychosocial control, exercised by the transnationals in the empty and flawed spirit of the people.

We desperately need all the external artillery to control the internal time of our biological clock. What to eat, what to drink, what to wear, what to dream, what to hate and what to love. We are not responsible for what we say, we do not own what we think, and we are not aware of what we eat.

One minute wasted, and we're late for the routine office. One second wasted, and we were late for class at the university. A lost sigh, and we were late for the coffin appointment.

That is why they say that the brain is like a traffic light. When you turn on the green light, you think. When you turn on the yellow light, you forget. And when he turns on the red light, he dies.

We see that the citizenry lives paralyzed in an overwhelming red light, which eats away divine reason and corrupts the hearts of others. We are the slaves most enslaved by the big transnationals, which every day steal the sacred money from our pockets, selling us all the inedible garbage from their factories at our mouths.

According to the sacred pages of the dictionary, the word Food is defined as the nutritional power present in one or more substances, which living beings eat or drink to nourish themselves and preserve their existence.

Inedible garbage cannot be called processed food, because it does not even process gastric digestion. It cannot be called transgenic food, because it does not even transform the intestinal flora. And it cannot be called concentrated food, because it does not even concentrate emotional constipation.

We cannot call Food a series of chemical compounds that decalcify bones, dehydrate veins, and disguise genocide molecules. Although they are marketed as 100% healthy foods, they are really terrible inventions that do not go out of style, and that are made in the most clandestine laboratories on planet Earth.

For decades, rats, rabbits and monkeys have been used as the best allies for scientists to carry out their quality tests, and to determine if the skin of the animal will blush or red, after injecting the poisonous powders in the carnivorous blood.

But now Human Beings have become the best guinea pigs, because they always buy, cook and glorify the inedible trash of the transnationals. Comprehensive sanitary controls are no longer needed to assess the possible supply of poisons to the community, because the new shaved and two-legged animals are easier to hunt, they are cheaper to obtain, and they are more docile to convince.

The blatant disrespect for life and human health demonstrates the success of the socio-economic architecture established by Modern Society, which became accustomed to living in large symmetrical cages of urbanized cement, where the power of will is degraded, it is denigrated the power of dignity, and the power of sobriety is distilled.

It is no coincidence that the deadly Culture of Death, imposed by the famous transnational companies in the food sector, is based on five effective attack strategies to guarantee the sale of all its classic poisons.

In the first place, the transnationals buy into the silence of national and foreign entities, which, although they should prohibit the free commercialization of their inedible garbage, remain silent and impatient to receive more monetary rewards.

The juicy corruption that bribes the World Health Organization (WHO), which traffics with the government Ministries of Health, and which finances the Consumer Protection Associations, allows the free distribution of the entire corporate portfolio to be authorized, without feel remorse for the damage to health they will cause to individuals.

It pains us to recognize that even the all-powerful Catholic Church, which is a religious transnational with a great reputation on planet Earth, and which has a high power of conviction among its millions of parishioners, because it does not denounce that its fans get sick with Pepsi-Cola, Cargill, Red-Bull, Maggi, McCormick, Marlboro, Lucky Strike, Frito-Lay, Kraft, Budweiser, and other brands dedicated to corrupting the seven potions.

Second, the transnationals are waging a colossal advertising war on the social media, which forces people to idolize the packaged or bottled poison, so that potential customers do not hesitate to covet, pay and buy the product offered.

The insatiable mental pollution produced by the capitalist hurricane can be found on television, on the radio, in the newspapers, on the streets and on the Web. There is a protein festival of jingles, colors, women, guns, smiles, applause, bubbles, drugs and liquor. It is impossible to escape from so much commercial temptation, which is repeated 24 hours a day, and which is blocking the discernment of the innocent victims.

Third, transnationals generate addiction to consumption in all their consumers, because it is not enough to buy and taste inedible garbage only once, since the important thing is to increase the level of sales and certify the profit margin.

In most advertising content, audiovisual hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming and subliminal messages are used, seeking to make people confuse themselves and associate garbage with feelings of happiness, euphoria, relaxation and peace. Stereotypes of worldly life are exhibited, which are intended to symbolize strength, beauty and independence, to create the need to be what you are not.

Fourth, the transnationals generate the disease in the consumers, because their beloved pharmaceutical companies must sell the explosion of pills, capsules, antibiotics, chewable tablets and sedatives, which the great modern medicine and its propaganda doctors need to promote. and sell ourselves to the letter.

People never recognize that their illnesses are caused by poor eating habits. Misfortune is always attributed to the tombola, age or the hereditary chain. But the tasty inedible garbage is never blamed for all those painful losses that go from bad to worse.

Fifth, the transnationals generate a culture of disposal in their consumers, because when the patients finally discovered the perverse truth, they were already buried and unable to reveal the black list of poisons, making it necessary to attract and trap new youthful faces, that will restart the homeostatic process and support the progress of human bestiality.

We saw that the years passed in white, and the traffic light continues to illuminate the red light, thanks to the entry of pesticides, genetic malformations, patented seeds and artificial flavorings.

The roaring marketing of Chester Cheetos is more heartbreaking, than feeding a million pigs the tip of an iceberg, because the perfect seasoning is the industrialization of Nature, because the secret ingredient is the sheep of the consumers, and because the last slice of the salty cake, is on the house.

The poor IQ of buyers does not allow them to read and understand the explicit nutritional information, which is described in all the inedible junk purchased on a daily basis. They cannot metabolize the bulk of appetizing awkwardness, so they fall into the sin of omission, the sin of denial, and the savage sin of gluttony.

Today, multinationals make fun of foolish consumers, claiming that their poisons are legal, light, artisan, whole and natural. False ecological iconographies are also being used on the front and back labels of products, so that people think that the disease is a source of environmental respect, and do not worry about high cholesterol levels, agitated blood pressure, and by the relentless osteosarcoma.

But unfortunately, inedible garbage not only destroys the human body, but also deteriorates the ecosystems of the Environment, since the long-lived consumerism is paid for with the tons of plastic, cardboard, paper, glass and metals, which are violently disposed of in the main streets of our Latin American countries, generating a source of permanent pollution that increases environmental neglect.

We wonder how close are we to having Roundup toast for breakfast? How close are we to having lunch with a liter of Castrol? How close are we to dining on a dose of DDT? How far are we from eating the spicy Stoplight?

There is no question that men and women eat healthy foods, to elevate vitamins, endorphins and joys. While junk dealers and junk yards eat junk food, to elevate saturated fats, flatulence, and stomach ulcers.

The table is served to enjoy legumes, vegetables and fruits, which will help us detoxify the body and soul, with all their energy, antioxidant and healing properties, which will strengthen the delicate immune system, reduce cardiovascular problems, improve circulation. blood, purify the urinary tract, combat ultraviolet rays, and multiply the blessings of the body.

Let us remember that every October 16 World Food Day is celebrated, so that people reflect on their erratic eating habits, and become in solidarity with the brothers and sisters who suffer from hunger and thirst, due to the exaggerated portion of indifference that we suffer in the world.

You must not continue to be a masochistic parasite, dedicated to capitalizing on the future of the great transnationals, in exchange for spoiling the kidneys, liver, lungs, pancreas, throat, neurons and your dying brain.

Today more than ever we are judges of what we think, we are consistent in what we say, and we are aware of what we eat.

By Carlos Ruperto Fermín

Video: How Corporations Are Ruining Your Health Food Industry Documentary. Real Stories (July 2022).


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