Real Madrid will play with an ecological shirt

Real Madrid will play with an ecological shirt

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Real Madrid will play this afternoon with a new kit. It is a T-shirt made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.

As the founder of Parley of the Oceans says, "it's the most beautiful shirt ever." This is how Cyrill Gutsch describes it, who has the goal of "saving the world by taking care of the oceans."

The t-shirts, whose collar can be read with the slogan For the oceans (for the oceans), were made with yarns and fibers from recycled plastics, recovered from the waters that bathe the Maldives. As the German Bayern Munich did a couple of weeks ago against Hoffenheim, the current European champions will join the campaign launched by Adidas to combat ocean pollution by reusing the plastic that kills and degrades fish.

It is estimated that plastic kills one million birds and more than one hundred thousand marine mammals each year.

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