China to open the world's first migratory bird “airport”

China to open the world's first migratory bird “airport”

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Every year, more than 50 million birds travel from Antarctica through the East Asia and Australia flyway. However, this important route is increasingly threatened by coastal development plans.

Thinking about this, from the Tianjin province, in China, they plan to build a wetland sanctuary for migratory birds. Thus, the project was already presented by McGregor Coxall and aims to transform the landfill in Lingang into a kind of bird "airport", the first in the world.

The idea is that this place can house 50 species of migratory aquatic birds, some in danger of extinction and that they can stop in this place, feed and reproduce safely before continuing their journey through the migratory route. Hence this site is called "airport".

The project considers 60 hectares of the wetland park that will also be open for people to carry out different activities such as trekking, hiking and cycling, in addition to becoming an important natural reserve for this city.

"The land's bird flyways are a wonder of the natural world. The proposed bird airport will be an important global sanctuary for endangered migratory bird species providing new green lungs to the city of Tianjin," said Adrian McGregor , CEO and principal designer of McGregor Coxall.

Work on this project will begin at the end of 2017 and it is expected to be ready during the next year.

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