Cereal brand gives away wildflower seeds to save bees

Cereal brand gives away wildflower seeds to save bees

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Bees are dying and with them a large amount of food that depends on the pollination they carry out could also become extinct. In short, humanity is also in serious trouble.

With this in mind, the famous Cheerios cereals produced by General Mills announced that they will give away wildflower seeds in the United States and England so that people can plant them and thus help these important insects. The goal is to distribute one hundred million seeds.

"More than two thirds of crops used to feed people are pollinated by bees, but they are disappearing by millions around the world. People need bees, and now bees need people," they say from the brand General Mills. For this reason, they have launched the Bring Back the Bees campaign so that children and families in general can collaborate to stop the extinction of bees.

They have also announced that they will convert 1,335 hectares of their oat crops into an extensive garden to receive the bees and thus help them in the important pollination process.

In addition to distributing seeds, these cereals have removed the traditional image of the Buzz bee from their packaging in order to raise awareness regarding the worrying disappearance of these insects that is believed to be due to diseases, pesticides, loss of habitat or climate change.

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