An original lighting system to protect cyclists from being run over

An original lighting system to protect cyclists from being run over

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Every bicycle lover faces every day the risks of sharing city streets with cars and other larger vehicles. It is the unfair price that is paid to choose a healthier life and in harmony with the environment.

Sometimes the cyclist's caution alone is not enough, for the same reason technology can also offer a solution to this problem that puts the life and safety of those who cycle regularly at risk.

A few days ago, Michelin presented “BikeSphere”, a device that is installed on the rear and front of the bicycle and that alerts cyclists and drivers when detecting dangerous situations.

The installed projectors illuminate a safety area of ​​the bicycle on the pavement with a laser. The system has a light sensor and a proximity detector that checks what is happening around the cyclist.

Thus, the system detects if a vehicle is approaching and does not respect the minimum safety distance. If this happens, the light will be up to three times brighter to warn the rider and driver of the car of the risk.

“BikeSphere is currently in the prototype phase. Due to the great repercussion that it is having, we are preparing instructions as a tutorial so that anyone can build their BikeSphere from home, so the cost will only be that of the materials required to do so ", the company pointed out to the site 20 minutes.

We hope that this original idea will be quickly carried out so that it helps to reduce the accidents suffered by cyclists. We leave you a video that explains how this device works.

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