ELF, the electric bike with a built-in sunroof

ELF, the electric bike with a built-in sunroof

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If electric vehicles don't quite convince you, for the price or the autonomy, but you don't like a bicycle either, for whatever reason, how about an Elf? This solar electric bike, a kind of hybrid that works on pedals, but also with an electric motor that can be recharged with solar energy, is expanding throughout the United States.

Elf. Solar electric bike

"Burns calories, not oil", is one of the claims of this solar electric bicycle to which it would be added: burn them, but if you see that you have had enough sport, pull the electric motor. Because Elf can be used like any bicycle in the world but, when you say enough, the pedals give way to a600 watt motor and lithium ion batteries (in the standard model, a 48V one) with autonomy fordriving almost 29 kilometers without pedals and about 50 pedaling.

With a 100W solar panel built into the roofSince the Elf, as you can see in the images, is covered like a vehicle, the battery can be charged in this way, for which it will need a minimum of 8 hours in optimal sunny conditions. If you opt for the charger, the battery will be full in between two and a half and four hours.

Regarding the energy consumption per distance traveled, the drivers of this vehicle, the American company Organic Transit, assures thatElf can travel about 53 kilometers per kWh, which makes it an option"Very light and efficient" which, in addition, can reach a speed of 48 kilometers per hour.

The proposal, with which its creators claim to have launched the"Most efficient vehicle on the planet", has had so much acceptance thatis becoming popular in North America, as well as having received orders from Australia, Germany, the Netherlands or the Fiji Islands, markets in which the company offers an individual model weighing 72 kilos, another two-seater, and a third for professional use, for example in surveillance, event management or maintenance.

Where to buy this solar electric bike

Encouraged by the invention and eager for Elf fever to spread to this side of the Atlantic? Wellcan be purchased online from $ 8,895. If you dare, take a look first at the regulations since, although in the United States they are considered bicycles, Spain limits this category to vehicles with engines of up to 250 watts, well below what Elf offers.


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