How to make an inexpensive home air conditioner

How to make an inexpensive home air conditioner

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For less than $ 20 you can make an air conditioner using materials you probably have around your house. Assuming you like to party and have big bags of ice around your house.

Home air conditioning materials

  • Bag of ice.
  • Dryer tube.
  • Polystyrene cooler.
  • Pom Poms.
  • A table fan.

Instructions for home air conditioning

First step.

You empty the ice packs into the styrofoam box.

Second step.

Drill a hole with the size of the dryer tube in the lid of the box.

Third step.

Fit the tube into the hole. The bigger the tube the colder air will come out.

Fourth step.

Trace the shape of the small fan and cut a hole so that the fan fits snugly, but cannot fall. Again, the size of the fan / orifice depends on the size of the case.

Fifth step.

Add as many streamers and pom poms as you like.

Surely it will not be the most effective method in the world, but it can get you out of a hurry on days with unbearable heat. Afterwards you can always use it to chill your beer.


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