What do they make us eat? Food sovereignty now!

What do they make us eat? Food sovereignty now!

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Excerpt from the complete interview with Marcos Ezequiel Filardi, lawyer and professor of the chair of food sovereignty at the UBA.

The type of food, especially meat, that is promoted in many capitalist countries, together with sedentary, consumerist, socially and family unstructured ways of life, etc. which carries with it the ideology of maximum economic profit and social numbness, is leading humanity to the contradictory reality of an ever-increasing famine, on the one hand, and of cardiovascular diseases due to overweight and obesity and emerging food poisoning on the other.

And all this, on a planet increasingly threatened by increasing pollution, global warming to which it is being subjected, the loss of forests and soil as carbon sinks, etc.

Video: Food Sovereignty u0026 Sustainability (May 2022).