Latin America: The Biodiversity Superpower

Latin America: The Biodiversity Superpower

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National Geographic film crews, with financing from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), traveled from the Andes to the Amazon to tell five stories that illustrate the need to care for the region's natural resources

The documentary shows, in striking images, why Latin America and the Caribbean is recognized as the superpower in biodiversity. Six of the 10 most biodiverse countries in the world are in the region, which has 33 percent of the planet's mammals, 35 percent of reptiles and 50 percent of tropical forests.

It also tells how communities collaborate to maintain a balance between their economic, environmental and social activities, conserving the environment and the resources that they will inherit to future generations and using it wisely as a source of economic development.

National Geographic

Video: Will Brazil become a SUPERPOWER? - KJ Vids (July 2022).


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