Meet the heroes, who protect the last 3 white rhinos in the world

Meet the heroes, who protect the last 3 white rhinos in the world

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Only 3 white rhinos remain in the world and they are safe in Kenya. A brave group of rangers is working to protect them.

Many years of poaching and civil war decimated rhino populations. The few that remain are now under guard 24 hours a day with armed guards.

Unfortunately white rhinos are already extinct in the wild, but this wildlife sanctuary hopes to encourage reproduction by creating natural habitats for these animals.

In Kenya, the anti-poaching team patrols 24 hours a day. Your mission is to protect three white rhinos. They are an especially threatened species. In addition, the relationship that has been established between animals and keepers is impressive.

They are hunted by poachers to cut off their horns, which contain keratin. Last year poachers killed about 1,600.

(A four-man poaching team permanently cares for the last male northern white rhino in the Ol Pejeta conservation area in Kenya in July 2011. PHOTO BY BRENT STIRTON, GETTY, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CREATIVE)

Excessive figures for a kilo of horn

The result of this business is rhinos tortured and killed for up to 60,000 euros. China is one of the countries responsible for the demand for rhino horn.

They are currently implementing a procedure to prevent further slaughter of these animals. Is asurgical procedure to remove the hornsthat eventually grow back. Before surgery, vets anesthetize rhinos to remove their horns with a chainsaw.

Dehorning positions are critical, some claim that it leaves rhinos unprotected against natural predators. Others argue that the absence of hornsdrive away poachers and reduce the number of rhinos that diefor injuries after fighting for territory and for sexual partners.

The hope is that these animals stop suffering so much pain and suffering at the risk of extinction of their species.

The experience of a rescue

Lulah, who was rescued, was just over a month old. The hyenas had attacked her, devoured part of her ears and nose, and bit off her legs. I was alone. His mother had been killed in Kruger Park. Now he lives inCare for Wild Africa, a specialized rhino sanctuary.


Care for Wild Africa is an NGO specializing in treating injured animals, especially rhinos, which have been orphaned by poachers.

You can thank these caregivers who take care of rhinos day and night in this link and we invite you to share this article so that more people can learn about the hard work that these men do.

If you want to meet the brave people who take care of rhinos you can watch this short film from Black Bean Productions.

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