Recycling and subsistence: rubber sandals

Recycling and subsistence: rubber sandals

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In a local village in Maasasi, Kenya, people make their custom sandals from used TKC80 motorcycle tires. A combination of recycling and subsistence.

An estimated 1.5 billion tires are thrown away every year around the world and some thinking minds have found a second use for them.

They are sold on the streets of Nairobi for a price of between US $ 2 and US $ 5 a pair, considerably less than the footwear sold in nearby stores, while offering ten times the durability.

In fact, members of the Maasai, who roam southern Kenya and northern Tanzania, have been using these flip-flops - also known as the "thousand kilometer" for their durability - for decades to walk through undergrowth rougher than leather. Rhino.

Some companies saw the vein and are also manufacturing and marketing sandals with recycled materials such as rubber.

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