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The anti-inflammatory power of the avocado seed

The anti-inflammatory power of the avocado seed

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Many times we resort to drugs, such as painkillers, to achieve immediate effects, but we do not measure their consequences in the body. It is better to resort to natural alternatives, such as avocado or avocado in case of inflammation.

Know the benefits of avocado seed

The avocado or avocado is widely consumed in several countries of the world, especially in Latin America. It is very nutritious, but little is said about the benefits of its seed.

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University in the United States have revealed that avocado seed offers many benefits, including its anti-inflammatory properties, which are even better than pain relievers.

Analgesics, although they work immediately to relieve aches and pains, they can cause health to deteriorate over time, for example, cause damage to the kidneys and other internal organs, so it is best to replace them with natural remedies.

The article published in Advances in Food Technology and Nutritional Sciences, further details that this seed also has properties that help prevent cancer, improve arthritis, cardiovascular ailments or colitis and many more.

The study

To verify this fact, the seed of some avocados was subjected to a study where these properties were revealed, and this study was carried out through the cells of the immune system such as macrophages and some molecules that increase the speed of chemical reaction, these being the enzymes.

This entire process was carried out in Petri dishes, and the researchers who discovered this say that this finding may be the start of a breakthrough in medicine.

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