Once dead, would you choose to be composted?

Once dead, would you choose to be composted?

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Corpses can now be turned into compost for gardens with a technique that manages to compost them in 30 days.

Would you choose to be composted once dead?

In the state of Washington this is already possible, a law was passed that allows corpses to become compost for plants, modifying the religious maxim of "dust you are and dust you will become."

In addition to traditional burial and cremation, this is another option of using or converting the bodies of the dead. This method allows the human body to be converted into a fertile compost in just 30 days.

This alternative also allows the elimination of some infections that cause various diseases, but its cost is still high and can reach about $ 5,500.

Undoubtedly, this alternative would be ideal in countries with a large population of people who die daily and that do not have adequate spaces for the disposal of corpses, although the cost would not make it so profitable.

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