Genetically modified children

Genetically modified children

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"Genetically Modified Children" is a documentary film directed by Juliette Igier and Stephanie Lebrun and produced by Babel Press for Spicee.

Can Monsanto Chemicals Permanently Alter Your Child's Genes? Low-income tobacco growers face skyrocketing cancer rates with more devastating consequences for their children: severe physical deformities and mental disabilities.

Choosing between poverty or poison, Latin American producers have no choice but to use harmful chemicals such as glyphosate (in Monsanto's Roundup) and Bayer's Confidor, if they want to certify and sell their crops to large tobacco corporations.

As patent and regulatory laws continue to favor profits for Monsanto and chemical companies like Bayer, tobacco continues to find its way into the hands and mouths of consumers around the world marketed by the giant Philip Morris.

Meanwhile the poisons used for harvesting contaminate the blood of farmers. modifying the human genome, creating genetically modified children.

You can watch the video here:

Video: Genetically Modified Children - Trials Fusion w. Nick (July 2022).


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