The tale of the “carbon neutral” oil company

The tale of the “carbon neutral” oil company

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Environmental organizations are outraged against the advertising apparatus of the oil company ENI. It aims to grow in a "neutral" way with respect to the climate from the year 2030. Planting millions of trees in Africa would "offset" the environmental pollution linked to the oil and gas business.

With compensation businesses –carbon sinks– the oil company ENI intends to absorb 20 million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere annually from 2030. By their logic, the trees they plant will fix the carbon released by the oil company's activities. The emissions of the fuel that ENI sells at its more than 5,000 gas stations in Europe are not included in this account.

What they are going to do then is carry out large “forestry projects” that are actually monocultures of industrial trees, green deserts in which indigenous biodiversity cannot survive. This compensation strategy is highly objectionable.

Find out and join the petition addressed to the company, so that instead of exploiting new oil and gas reserves and establishing industrial plantations in Africa, they repair the massive pollution in the oil areas in which they have been working, such as the Niger Delta in Nigeria and compensate affected populations.

To: Claudio Descalzi, CEO of ENI

Dear Mr. Descalzi:

With total incomprehension, we have verified after your Presentation of the ENI Strategy 2019-2022 that you are not only planning the expansion of oil and gas production, but also “investments in large forestry projects”.

By planting millions of trees in Africa, for example in the Niger Delta, in Nigeria, it is not possible to compensate for the pollution caused by oil and gas production.

Industrial tree plantations are NOT forests and do not fulfill the different ecological, climatic and social functions of forests. Rather, these industrial plantations exacerbate existing problems and cause displacement of local populations (land grabbing) due to the huge anticipated need for land areas of 8.1 million hectares.

The announced growth of ENI from the year 2030, neutral from the climate point of view, is also a mere castle in the air, unrealistic. And it refers only to the Group's production facilities (upwardly nil net emissions). It does not include the emissions that customers generate when they burn the fuel sold by ENI during consumption.

We see their announcements as a public relations strategy, to green the announced growth of oil and gas production. The only effective measure to protect the environment and the planet's climate is to leave fossil fuels underground.

We demand that instead of exploiting new oil and gas reserves and establishing industrial plantations in Africa, they repair massive pollution in the oil areas they have been working in such as the Niger Delta in Nigeria, and compensate affected populations. .


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