What is desertification? The earth dying

What is desertification? The earth dying

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As defined by the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, it is a process of soil degradation resulting from factors such as climatic variations or human activities. Therefore, desertification implies the loss of fertile soils and the inability of ecosystems to fulfill their regulatory function and supply goods and services.

Desertification is one of the main environmental challenges of our day. However, most of us have never heard of this issue or are unaware of the scale of the problem. To deepen the concept, we must think about environmental degradation, because this is what happens when degradation in ecosystems begins. A process that leads to the degradation of many types of areas of the environment.

What Causes Desertification?

Land degradation is caused by climatic variations. The high and sustained temperatures over time, with rains that appear infrequently, cause serious hydrological imbalances that significantly affect the composition of the soil that inevitably degrades, destroying the vegetation.

Another factor to highlight is human activity, there are 4 actions that suppose the most immediate causes:

-Excess cultivation is one of the ways to deplete the soil.
-Overgrazing removes the vegetation cover that protects the soil from erosion.
-Deforestation destroys the trees that hold the soil to the earth.
-Poor irrigation systems transform farmlands into salty lands.

Consequences of desertification

There are 3 levels of desertification according to its severity when classifying a soil as in process or risk of desertification:

-Moderate desertification: consider that the agricultural production of the land has decreased between 10% and 25% of its original productivity.
-Severe desertification: when the loss of land productivity is between 25% and 50%.
-Very severe desertification: it is when the loss of agricultural production is more than 50%, which entails the manifestation of the first signs of desertification (turning into desert), such as the formation of dunes or the presence of arid lands and completely dry.

In some countries, land degradation has led to massive internal migration to cities or regions where conditions for survival are initially more promising, but where they are becoming increasingly difficult and threatening social stability and cultural identities.

The implementation of sustainable land and water management policies would help to overcome these increasingly extreme challenges.


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