They design curtains that use micro-algae to purify the air

They design curtains that use micro-algae to purify the air

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These curtains have been designed to improve air quality in closed and open spaces. They use microalgae and the natural power of photosynthesis to generate oxygen.

Its creators aspire to be installed in large commercial buildings such as warehouses, in public spaces and in residential buildings to generate healthier air quality in cities.

The urban design firm EcologicStudio is responsible for these curtains made of bioplastic. Each module can clean one kilo of carbon dioxide a day.

The curtain optimizes this natural process, capturing approximately one kilogram of carbon dioxide per day, achieving a capacity equivalent to that of 20 large trees.

Its operation is very simple: the unfiltered air enters the curtain from the bottom and, as it travels through the liquid in the tubes, the microalgae capture the carbon dioxide molecules. This photosynthesis process also produces oxygen, which is released from the top of the unit.

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