Infographic on Pollution and Environment data

Infographic on Pollution and Environment data

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We must fundamentally as human beings take care of the ecosystem we inhabit, to leave future generations a place to live. In the last decade, very unfavorable data on the environment have been collected, if they are not addressed urgently, we will continue to experience alterations in the natural cycles of the planet until it is uninhabitable. The good news is that improving the environment is still possible, but it is a task that all humanity must fulfill.

The EnergíaToday site published a very interesting infographic in which alarming ecological data are observed, about how current consumerism has negatively influenced the environment, causing, among other problems, climate change. We are going to list some actions that could be taken, if we want to improve the environment.

Avoid using plastic bags. Its environmental impact is enormous.

Plastic bags require high energy consumption to manufacture and are also composed of substances derived from oil, which are highly harmful once released into the environment and can take centuries to degrade.

It is true that paper bags also represent a danger, if they are manufactured at the cost of deforestation, but plastic bags have a direct influence on the atmosphere. Each plastic bag is proven to take up to 1,000 years to degrade naturally.

According to ecological data, less than 5% of bags are recycled annually and given that every minute in the world approximately one million plastic bags are used, it would take an amount of time that even the life of the planet would not reach to be able to eliminate plastic .

Take your own bags to the supermarket and use them as many times as you can, it is a great way to help the environment

Consciously consume energy

In your home, lighting, heating and cooling systems, as well as household appliances; They are responsible for a good part of the world's energy consumption, so you must make sure that they all have energy efficiency certifications, so that both your pocket and the environment are affected as little as possible.

Some ecological reports reveal that only a child living in the western part of the planet can wash up to 200kg of clothes every year. An interesting fact on this subject is that there is 5% of the world's population, which consumes 25% of electrical energy. In turn, the excessive use of heating in a home can generate more than 400kg of carbon dioxide annually.

All these carbon dioxide emissions have had a negative effect on planet earth. Since the 19th century, our planet has raised its temperature by 0.8ºC. Enough for an ice cube to turn into a pool of water.

Taking advantage of natural light instead of turning on the lights at home would be another good action with which you would collaborate with the care of the environment. However, if you need to turn on the light, how about switching to LED bulbs? Not only do they consume less energy, they also last longer.

Other useful actions:

Plant trees It may be another beneficial action for the environment, since it is not only an entertaining activity but you will also collaborate with the production of oxygen.

Eat organic products that take care of the environment because fertilizers or other polluting products are not used in their production.

Be cleaner and don't throw plastic in open places. Many of these end up in lakes, seas and oceans and as a result, birds, fish and turtles consume it by mistake which causes more marine and flying species to die.

-Avoid using your own vehicle and plane. How about going to work by bicycle or public transport? Doing so could reduce CO2 emissions by 2.4 tons per year. If that is not possible, at least try to carpool with other people making the same trip. In addition, if you also avoid air travel as much as possible, you will greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Only we can save the lives of many species on planet Earth

If these parameters of indiscriminate pollution continue with the spread of CO2 to the environment due to electricity consumption and plastic waste, after 2030 there will be no turning back, it will be too late to reverse the situation. It is our duty to take care of the ecosystem we inhabit. Be part of the change and motivate others to be too.


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