Civilization and War

Civilization and War

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By Inatoyacabaler

"All the Sioux Indians fled in different directions, and after almost all of them had been killed, someone yelled that everyone who had not died should come out and be safe. 1891- American Horse of the Oglala Sioux."

War is as old as man because it came with the mind of man and it is impossible to get rid of it, because it feeds on the violent actions of man, it dominates and manipulates the human being in the depth of his being. And in each era of human society they were given a name to identify them, barbarism, savagery, without a god (Indians) uneducated and civilization that supposedly is a high degree of social behavior of man in society, however it still persists in living together among us, it is an eternal virus that man will carry forever, when he observes the violence of war as a normal activity, which is already part of a civilized society in a world where technical scientific development is at its best, where each time the constructions of the buildings get closer to the sky and we move away each time from the fragrance of the earth, we conquer and observe the celestial space and we do not conquer and observe our own space inside our soul and our mind to reflect . What is civilization? It is a set of ideas, it is a term, it is simply a word without essence, without spirit, without soul, it is an empty term, as always created by the human mind to fill its empty needs and to measure its degree of material development. In this sense, all wars are unjustifiable no matter where they come from, all war is an act of violence, barbarism, inhuman savagery, without gods by its essence and by its dimension in loss of human life and material damage that they cause against the progress, sacred human life and nature. There is no war for peace, just as there is no good and evil, it only exists in the mind of man when he is created to justify his heroism, his actions, to justify his human behavior that nourishes his civilized pride when he feels hurt for reasons alien to his being.

There cannot be a war for peace, there must only be a balance to achieve peace and there cannot be a war between good and evil, because you cannot define who is evil and who is good? The supposed good to achieve peace is sometimes placed in the same place as the supposed evil when it acts with war to justify its acts that threaten human life and its natural resources. The good cannot respond with the same act of war, because it reaches the same level of evil. The good reflects, is humble, tolerant, receives the blows, knows that its strength is in the interior of its heart and not in the external force, not in the replicas of blows, its pride is in second order for the welfare of others His strength is in his intelligence and his power in human reason and he is capable of sacrificing himself for others.

In that sense, all forms of violence must be condemned by human reason for the sacred concept of life, of civilization that we do not understand in its entirety in its very concept, that still does not fit in the reduced human mind, simply the Civilization seen in another way has had its development distorted for man who revolves around the domination of the world without measuring the consequences.

And it was demonstrated on September 11, 2001 to the world that there are no small enemies and that there is no powerful enemy, we are all as vulnerable as human beings and as human beings lacking control of the feelings generated by material goods, as always the Reason and human intelligence were buried by the thirst for hatred and revenge that comes out of the flame of evil, because they believe that only in this way is attacked national pride vindicated, completely forgetting humility, tolerance, as a model of life that modern men must follow. And it is difficult to have these virtues in the XXI century, where material goods are above spiritual virtues. However, we want to share the hour of pain suffered by the different peoples of the world, hunger, misery, unemployment and illiteracy in exchange for an arms race, in exchange for a war without human reason. Let us unify our minds for solidarity, for Peace and for Life, seeking answers for the future of humanity.

Inatoyacabaler (Spirit of Tobacco) [email protected]